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New Single Is Coming!!!!

I guess I'll go ahead an let the cat out of the bag, a few months back I snuck off to Breaux Bridge Louisiana and recorded an old John Anderson tune with Tony Ardoin and co. at Ray Rebert's studio. I pretty much borrowed my buddy Dustin Sonnier's whole crew on this one.....and it turned out GREAT!

Y'all have been screaming for more country in your music, well that's what we are taking it back to. This new single as well as the new album I am working on will be just that! I'm gonna need everyone's help as usual on this thing, you can look for it to drop on iTunes, amazon, and google in late August!!!

So keep your eyes peeled, and thanks again for everything y'all do. Every.single.time. I put something out, you go above and beyond for me, I hope I make you proud with this next single.

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